Solar Energy Jargon 101: This makes my head tired.

Now as we kick off our new website Eco solar Home Improvement and new blog post I kept on wondering what our first posting would be about. Well, it’s quite clear we should make it a study case. One of the reasons you might not want to try something new or to explore new opportunities is because you don’t know enough about what you are being presented at the moment. This can be especially frustrating when – in the case of solar power technology – there seems to be so much to learn and consult with family in order to gain a more financial state by taking advantage of recent technological advancements.

That’s why we’re spending our first blog post talking about some of the most commonly-used terms in solar power so that you can feel empowered on your own quest to better understand this industry. Will start from the source of power: The Sun.


Solar Nuclear Fusion – The process by which the sun releases energy that solar panels can use to generate electricity. In the sun, Hydrogen atoms are fused to create Helium; this reaction is what is responsible for the massive amount of energy that the sun emits.

Photon – The basic unit of light that is emitted from the sun, eventually reaching the Earth.

Isolation – A term used to refer to the amount of solar energy exposed to the Earth at any given time.

PV (or photovoltaic) Cell or Array – PV can be used to describe a single cell, an array of cells, a panel or an entire system. It’s a word used to describe the process of converting radiation from the sun into energy in the form of electricity.


Power Inverter – An industrial-grade transformer that converts electricity into AC or DC, depending on the source and output. Power inverters can be the size of a cassette tape or a pickup truck.

Series/Parallel Wiring – An approach to consolidating solar panel strings that vary depending on the system and power needs.

Cost Analysis – A close look at the resources, time and labor that is required before a solar power project can be commissioned.

As you can see just from this short list, is not that hard in tackling the terms used in a discussion about solar power. Contact us at Eco Solar Home Improvement to learn more about these terms, or to schedule your free energy assessment. We’re here to help you through education and an honest approach to customer service.


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