Garage Conversion Units: What they are and why People Build them

Garage Conversion units:

Some of us like our garage to simply be the space in which we keep our cars. Some of us, however, don’t even own a car- A GCU is a really simple and old idea: having your garage where you store your car (for free) and turning it into a living space. Now, this garage can be attached to your regular single-family house, or unattached somewhere on your property. Regardless of its physical location, legally a GCU must be part of the same property as the main home.

Though Garage Conversion is an old idea some believe it came from the mini-dorm boom in San Diego near colleges. Usually, a privately owned single-family house located near a suburban college campus or beach area, occupied by several young adults, each paying separate rents. The house would be specially remodeled for the purpose, including the addition of extra bedrooms, and paving the lawn for additional parking, if you took it one step further they would take the garage and turn it into GCU’s. Planners call them GCUs (Garage Conversion unit), but they’re also known as granny flats, in-law units, laneway houses, secondary dwelling units. Remember GCUs can be tiny houses, but tiny houses aren’t always GCUs

Homeowners build them for lots of reasons, but in Los Angeles, the most common goals, according to one study, are gaining income via rent and housing family members.

Garage Conversion becoming a Law

Thanks to the new state law, Senate Bill No. 1069, California homeowners will now have an easy time building and permitting small second dwellings onto their property. The bill is intended to help aid in the need for new housing units where the lack of living space has led to exponentially high rental prices. When moving to the city, it’s hard not to notice the skyrocketing rent prices. Now that the Bill No. 1069 has passed we are able to do GCU in an easy and efficient fashion. The state of California hopes that these dwellings can be legally converted and rented as low-income housing options for residents. A two-car garage can become an island for renters looking for a space complete with a kitchen and bathroom.

What does this mean for a homeowner: you can get legal rental income from a permitted GCU, or, if you want, you can live in the GCU and rent out the other dwelling. A garage conversion can be your answer to more space for a growing family or assist in supplemental income by renting the space

In the wake of this bill, Los Angeles residents can properly permit a garage conversion, as long as it fills simple requirements. Those requirements being that it is located within one and a half mile of public transit, must not exceed 1,200 sqft or exceed five feet from the property line. To see a full list of requirements check out the complete bill text.

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