Getting started with G.C.U.

Getting Started with G.C.U.

Ten steps for planning, permitting and building a GCU

Building a GCU is daunting for many people. If your family is growing or if you just need an extra bedroom for guests or a larger living area for entertaining, one option could be to turn your garage into living space. If you think about it, your garage is a structure that already exists with a roof and walls, which will make it a very adaptable, Convenient and affordable to an interior living space.This is why today at Eco Solar Home Improvement we’ve put together some tips and tricks when it comes to turning your garage into living space. Follow these and you’ll have a whole extra area in no time!

Here are the chronological steps to get ready to build a GCU on your property.

The Building Phase

  1.  Plan ahead Speak to a design professional about your idea and let them help you to come up with an idea or plan for the building and construction

  2. Talk to municipal zoning office about the project to determine feasibility; You need to ensure you aren’t breaking any zoning laws.

  3. Rough sketch some ideas and think through your top design objectives with funders/partners
  4. Develop permit-ready drawings for zoning and building office
  5. Submit plans for permit. Pay permit fees. Go back and forth with permit office until the plans pass their planning/zoning code and building code criteria.
  6. Comply with building regulations; Once you have the necessary permissions to go ahead with this exciting project, you need to ensure that you comply with building regulations.
  7. Make sure its damp proof; Many modern garages may not have to waterproof in the ceiling or be insulated, as its function is very different to that of a living space.
  8. Plumbing and wiring; During the construction process, some plumbing may need to be installed and you may need to have some lights rewired or additional wiring installed.
  9. Flooring; Most garages feature cement or brick floors that have been designed to withstand car tires and water and oil leaks. Your living area is a whole new space, however, which means the flooring will have to change.
  10. Occupation certificate Once the building is done, apply for an occupation certificate. Once you’ve received it and checked all of the boxes, you’ll be ready to decorate your new living area with furniture, decor, and accessories!

This design phase can take as little as 3 weeks. Most GCU takes one week to design in-house, (going back and forth with our staff and clients through as many schematic drawings needed may further the process). 1-3 months is an average time frame for the whole phase to take place.

Our advice: Take your time with the building design. Remember everything happens on your property, and it’s under your control. You will be able to monitor the progress and the building won’t disrupt daily life too much. and the best thing of all you’ll increase the value of your property.

Eco Solar Home Improvement is becoming the premier garage conversion, garage building, and garage remodeling, specialist. We utilize only the highest quality materials and advanced technologies when we take on any garage remodeling or garage conversion project. Whether you are looking to convert your garage into a living space, convert your garage into an apartment, convert your garage into a studio or game room, build a garage addition or do a complete makeover and build a brand new garage, our experienced design consultants are eager to help you create the garage conversion of your dreams. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. Choosing us for all of your garage project needs is one decision you will enjoy for a lifetime!

Interested in learning about how we can help you design and create your GCU? Click here for a free, no-pressure quote.

For more information, visit us at Ecosolarhomeimprovement or give us a call 323-736-1949


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