Garage Conversion Units May Have Higher Values

GCUs also contributed on average 25 percent or 34 percent of each property’s appraised value, depending on the formula used.


Consejos para las Conversiones de Garaje

las conversiones del garage a UCG son la segunda manera más común de crear el espacio adicional de la cubierta dentro de nuestra acción existente del edificio.

Tips for Garage Conversions Units

Tips for Garage Conversions Units

According to property experts, undertaking a garage conversion to provide additional living space can add as much as 10 percent to the value of your home. That aside, it is also the perfect way to make use of a space, which, more often than not, is rarely used for cars — instead of becoming a dumping ground for various items we don’t know what to do with. -Nelson Solis EcoSolar Home Improvement

Why a Converted Garage GCU?

Our last post on steps to getting your Garage Converted to a living facility we went over 10 steps to turning your Garage to a GCU. If the conditions are right, converting your garage into a GCU can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create value to your property. even though there are many important updates required to turn an area that was never meant to be habitable into a living space

Here are some of those critical updates  of creating garage GCUs:

    • Raising the floor to install insulation and a moisture barrier underneath.
    • Insulating the walls, floors, and ceiling (if they aren’t already insulated).
    • Enabling heating and cooling, either by tying into the house’s system or installing an independent system.
    • Adding outlets and ensuring your electrical system can handle the additional load.
    • Removing garage door(s) and installing an insulated stud wall.
    • Adding windows and, if needed, an exterior door.

    If you intend to turn the garage into a studio apartment, you’ll also need to install a kitchenette and bathroom—which means ensuring your septic system is up to the task and space has access to water lines.


Important Questions before a Garage Conversions

Question 1: What Zoning Laws and Permits Are in Play?

It’s essential that you fully understand local zoning laws before you begin drawing up your remodeling plans. There may be laws regulating how you must heat and cool the space, where you must now park your car, and much more. You can find the laws for your area by visiting your city’s website or contacting your city’s building department.  Also be aware of all the permits you’ll need to complete your garage conversion. Generally, in order to get the necessary permits, you’ll need to draw up your overall plans for the remodel, then take them down to city hall to be looked over and approved. Lucky for you the contractor at Eco Solar Home Improvement will handle all of the work, will take care of the permits for you as well as the drawings.

Question 2: Will It Lower Your Home’s Value?

Converting a garage into a room can add significant value to your home—if you live in the right neighborhood. If you don’t, though, the loss of a garage can lower your home’s value and make it difficult to sell. So, scope out your neighbors’ properties. If nearly all the homes in your neighborhood have garages, then getting rid of yours may not be a good move. For a more “scientific” assessment, consider contacting a real estate agent to get their opinion.

Question 3: Where Will You Put Your Car?

Once your garage is gone, do you have room elsewhere on your property to park? If not, are you comfortable parking on the street? The biggest proponents of GCU are folks that believe that creating GCU will increase traffic in their neighborhood.. well that will depend on what part of Los Angeles you live in since every city has its regulations.

Question 4: Will You Have Enough Storage?

Most of us stuff our garages with stuff. So, before you convert your garage into a room, you’re going to have to downsize. don’t forget about the items you’ll need to keep. Make sure you have alternate storage lined up before remodeling begins, whether in your basement, attic or another outdoor area such as a shed or space under your porch.

Question 5: Will It Still Look Like a Garage?

Your goal should be to make your newly-remodeled garage look like it was always a part of the house. Possible ways to achieve this include:

  • Removing or rerouting your driveway, so that it doesn’t lead to what is now a blank wall.
  • Raising floors to the same level as the rest of the house (not required, but generally recommended).
  • Sound proofing the space.
  • Adding additional windows.
  • Adding architectural elements to match the rest of your home.

Eco Solar Home Improvement is becoming the premier garage conversion, garage building, and garage remodeling, specialist. We utilize only the highest quality materials and advanced technologies when we take on any garage remodeling or garage conversion project. Whether you are looking to convert your garage into a living space, convert your garage into an apartment, convert your garage into a studio or game room, build a garage addition or do a complete makeover and build a brand new garage, our experienced design consultants are eager to help you create the garage conversion of your dreams. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services. Choosing us for all of your garage project needs is one decision you will enjoy for a lifetime!

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Accessory Dwellings

“A lot of people have this notion it’s going to be a slam dunk to convert their garage to an ADU, but there are a lot of considerations for garage conversions. We encourage people to think about whether the structure is worth making use of or whether it’s better to start fresh. I have a hard time saying that because I like old buildings and want to save them. We do a lot of work in the historic districts. But what I come back to is that garages weren’t really built for living, so we have to do a lot to make them comfortable and energy-efficient.” –Jack Barnes, Architect

(Here are three examples of Jack Barnes Architect garage to ADU conversions: Susan Moray’s ADU: Updating History in Ladd’sSharon Nielson, Keith Pitt, & Stephanie Mix’s ADU: A Miniature MansionBarbara Gundle’s ADU: A 2-Story Garage Conversion.)

Susan Moray's converted her garage into a guest house Ladd Addition, one of Portland's historic districts Susan Moray’s converted her garage into a guest…

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Disenar Y Permitir un UCG

Nuestro consejo: Tómese su tiempo con el diseño. Ir hacia adelante y hacia atrás con el diseñador y constructor de la casa, y se asegurará de que esté muy contento con cada detalle del diseño.

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